After getting a tattoo, the first 48 hours are crucial. Avoid picking at the ink, using cleansers, and working out. You should avoid sleeping with the tattoo on your skin, as it will cause it to scab and not heal properly. In addition, you should also avoid direct sunlight. After applying lotion or moisturizer, you can expose the new tattoo to fresh air. Taking these steps will help keep your tattoo looking beautiful.

tattoo care first 48 hours

After applying Saniderm to your new tattoo, you should keep it on for about 48 hours. During the first 48 hours, it’s important to keep it off, as it will cause the scan to swell and become gooey. After the first 48 days, you should apply an unscented, mild lotion. This lotion will moisturize your skin and not make it feel heavy. It will also prevent any infection after the first 48 hours.

It’s important to moisturize your new tattoo at least three times a day. You can even moisturize it five times if you want. This step is important because the skin can dry out quickly. Use an A&D ointment until the scabs have fallen off, then you can switch to your regular skin moisturizer. The A&D ointment will help the tattoo heals faster and will help prevent the appearance of infection.

After the first 48 hours, you should clean your tattoo daily with warm water. You can use unscented bar soap or coconut oil. A&D ointment is recommended until the scabs have fallen off. You should continue using an aftercare ointment for a week to prevent infections. If your tattoo is still dry after the first 48 hours, you should try to use a steroid cream for a few days before you apply a lotion.

When you get a new tattoo, you should not swim or touch it with water for at least 48 hours. This will cause the scabs to swell and become gooey. After 48 hours, you should use a mild unscented lotion. It is important to avoid too much lotion, as it can irritate the skin and contribute to infection. Your artist will also be able to give you more specific instructions for tattoo care.

After the first 48 hours, you should wash your tattoo with a gentle, unscented soap and pat it dry. Do not rub the tattoo with tissues or paper towels. After the first 48 hours, you should apply a soothing gel to it but do not rub it too hard, as this can cause it to peel off. Afterwards, you should apply a lotion with an unscented formula to avoid irritation. You should use a soothing gel on the area every day for a week.

After a tattoo, you should keep it clean by washing the skin with a gentle, unscented soap. You should wash the area with a moisturizer once or twice a day. After a week, you can use a normal moisturizer to keep your tattoo looking good. You should also moisturize your skin with a mild unscented lotion at least three times a day to avoid any infection.

After a tattoo has been applied, you should apply a lotion with a mild ointment. This will prevent the tattoo from turning milky and scabbing. The lotion should also help the skin recover and stop becoming shiny and discolored. It is important to drink plenty of water during the first week to avoid irritation from the tattoo. And be sure to follow the instructions carefully. You should be very careful when applying creams and lotions.

After a tattoo, you should apply a thin layer of ointment to the skin. Antibacterial soap or ointment is ideal because it is not scented. After a week, you can use a normal moisturizer. However, you should use creams or lotions that are gentle and non-greasy. In addition to applying the ointment, you should also apply a mild moisturizer after 48 hours.